Top 5s with that one guy who still loves the Lakers and says "Ummm" a lot and goes by the names Frost, Champ, Cock or Sparkles. That’s right Eric Friggin’ Koston!

Top 5 shows to Tivo
1. Chappelle’s Show
2. Sopranos
3. Curb Your Enthusiasm
4. Survivor
5. Any Laker game I can’t watch live

Top 5 reasons to say "Ummm..."
1. When I’m multi-tasking on the phone while driving
2. I’m watching a Laker game
3. I’m still trying to register what someone just said to me
4. I never listened to what someone said
5. Ummmmmm...........

Top 5 Lakers moments
1. Derek Fisher’s game winner in game 5 Western Conference semis against the Spurs with 0.4 left in the game.
2. Horry’s 3-pointer against Sacramento 2002 Western Conference finals. Also a game winner.
3. 2000 Western Conference finals against Portland. Lakers come to win despite 15-point deficit in the 4th quarter.
4. Game 2 of the finals (6-8-04) the other night. Down 6 with 47 seconds left in the game, Fisher and Kobe hit 3s to send it to overtime and another miracle Laker victory.
5. Winning the championship in 2000. I went solo, center court, 5 rows off the floor and witnessed my first championship game live.

Top 5 reasons that the demo sucks
1. It’s in a mall parking lot
2. I flew for 10 hours, got in a van and drove for 6 hours directly to the demo
3. Smoking is allowed inside the park.
4. It’s at a rollerblade park.
5. It’s during a Laker game.

Top 5 reasons to stay home
1. Ash & Tiger
2. I’ve gone to "_____ city\state\country" already and it sucked
3. Laker game schedule conflict
4. Got some sort of taxes to take care of that are due the day I have to go somewhere
5. Golfing with the dawgs

Top 5 contest strategies
1. Party heavily the night before
2. Land tricks that I try
3. Don’t kickflip the pyramid
4. If practice is like a coyote feeding frenzy, go get a sandwich
5. Who gives a fuck!

Top 5 skaters
1. The Gonz
2. Cardiel
3. Matt Hensley
4. Danny Way
5. Mike Carroll

Top 5 foods
1. Thai
2. Japanese
3. Mexican
4. Cuban
5. Italian

Top 5 things about living with Tim Gavin
1. He always kept the place clean
2. There was always a supply of "Steak-Ums" in the freezer.
3. Playing Mortal Kombat till 4 in the morning every night
4. Listening to Yoshi’s phone mesages
5. Having Schnurr as our unofficial 3rd room mate

Top 5 cities
1. Los Angeles
2. New York
3. Barcelona
4. Tokyo
5. Los Angeles

Top 5 rooms in your house
1. Bedroom
2. Living room
3. Bathroom
4. Jacuzzi
5. The other living room

Top 5 restaurants
1. Matsuhisa
2. Cafe Angelino
3. El Compadre
4. Versaille
5. Lu Lu’s

Top 5 tricks you can’t do
1. Hardflips
2. Frontside inverts
3. Indy gainer on flatground
4. Jump out of a helicopter into a vert ramp
5. 900