If you haven't rewatched Hot Chocolate yet, do so, listen to this man's interviews. The one and only, Gino Iannucci...

Top 5 reasons to leave a tour
1. A wedding
2. Shoes aren’t working
3. Over whelming sense of being uncomfortable
4. I’m a dick
5. I’m bored

Top 5 skaters
1. Girl
2. Chocolate
3. D. Way
4. Pappalardo
5. Dill

Top 5 foods to put salt on
1. Salad
2. Pizza
3. Steak
4. Chicken
5. Everything

Top 5 cities
1. New York
2. Rome
3. Florence
4. Vancouver
5. Banff

Top 5 bands
1. Wu-Tang Clan
2. Guns and Roses
3. ELO
4. Fleetwood Mac
5. Expóse

Top 5 people
1. Buscemi
2. Reda
3. Bradley Pharrell
4. Robert Deniro
5. Mike Bossy

Top 5 New York slang words
1. Stee
2. Stoops
3. Whatevs
4. Craze
5. Base

Top 5 skate spots
1. Lockwood mid ’90s
2. Brooklyn Banks circa bank then
3. Stoney Brook
4. Winsor Court, NY circa way back
5. White Building, Long Island circa way way back

Top 5 things you do every day
1. Smoke stoogies, tons
2. Worry
3. Wonder about what’s going on in skating
4. Walk the dog
5. Watch a movie

Top 5 movie quotes
1. "You know what you can buy with four dollars these days? Not even three dollors."—Saturday Night Fever
2. "Fuck off for sure, like totally."—Valley Girl
3. "Hey Rock, how much did you clear for your last fight? Did you ever think about investing in condominiums?" "I never use ’em."—Rocky 2
4. "I think in all fairness, I should tell you exactly it is that I do. For instance in the morning I’ll get up take a walk down to the bank. And if you don’t have my money, I’ll split your head open. Just about the time your coming out of your coma, I’ll be coming out of jail. And guess what. I’ll split your fucking head open again. Because I’m stupid."—Casino
5. "I owe money to everybody in this town. So I can’t borrow money from nobody anymore, except you. ’Cause you’re the only jerk off I can borrow money without paying you back. ’Cause that’s what I think of you, a jerk off. You’re smiling ’cause you’re a jerk off."—Mean Streets