Evan Hecox Top 5

A Top 5 with the man who has been holding down the Chocolate graphics for nearly a decade, Evan Hecox.

Top 5 Artists
1. Alexander Calder
2. Gustav Bauman
3. Tadanori Yokoo
4. Ed Ruscha
5. Andy Warhol

Top 5 Chocolate Series
1. Portrait Series
2. Modern Living Series
3. Nature Series
4. Guitar Series
5. Mexican Card Series

Top 5 Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead
1. Stay at home and draw
2. Denver skatepark, early Sunday mornings for old dudes like me
3. Andenken Gallery shows
4. Lakeside Amusement Park with my daughter
5. Looking for old records at Black and Read record shop

Top 5 things about living in SF
1. Food
2. The landscape, the hills and fog and the water
3. The non-stop freak show
4. The bike-friendly, everything-you-need Mission district
5. The smell of urine on the street on cold summer mornings

Top 5 skaters
1. Mark Gonzales
2. Lance Mountain
3. Tommy Guerrero
4. Neil Blender
5. The Chocolate team

Top 5 things you hate about art shows
1. I usually drink too much because I'm nervous, and then people come up and want to have serious conversations about my work and I end up saying stupid things
2. I'm always the least cool person at my own shows
3. Overcrowded galleries with everyone standing with their backs to the artwork
4. People handing me a sketchbook to draw something in while I'm standing in the middle of a crowded gallery
5. Hanging the work before the show, galleries never have good tools

Top 5 strangest questions asked of you
1. How did you learn to draw?
2. Tourists are always asking me for directions when I'm in New York or LA and I have to say, "Oh, I don't live here" and they look at me funny. It's happened several times
3. My 4-year old daughter asks me "Why?"  about everything, it really is the hardest question
4. My top 5 artists, it's impossible to narrow it down to five
5. Do you wanna play football?

Top 5 skateboard graphics of all time
1. Neil Blender coffee break
2. Tommy Guerrero flames and sword
3. Hosoi hammerhead (more the shape than the graphic actually)
4. Skull Skates logo board
5. Santa Cruz original Rob Roskopp

Top 5 people to take on a road trip
1. My wife
2. My daughter
3. My dogs
4. My dad
5. My iPod

Top 5 TV shows
1. Frontline
2. American Experience
3. Charlie Rose
4. The Sopranos
5. Rome

Top 5 mediums
1. Drawing
2. Watercolor/Gouache
3. Linoleum block prints
4. Intaglio prints
5. Photography

Top 5 reasons to have a love/hate relation with Los Angeles
1. The weather is always nice but people who live there don't seem to appreciate it that much
2. I have a lot of nice friends in LA but it's difficult to make plans with people when I'm there because the city is so large
3. There are so many things to do but you have to drive to all of them
4. There are a lot of genuinely cool people but there are also a lot of people trying way too hard to be cool
5. The paparazzi won't leave me alone!

Top 5 ways to say goodbye
1. Don't, also known as "the French exit"
2. Bye
3. Smile and wave
4. Adios
5. I've gotta get going...