A Top 5 with probably the funniest guy I know. Certainly the funniest guy you know. But none of us really know him (except for Spike a little bit), so let's get to know him with this slightly truncated Top 5...

Top 5 Comics (no order)
1. Richard Pryor
2. Mort Sahl/Lenny Bruce- tie
3. Robin Harris
4. Woody Allen
5. Eddie Murphy

Top 5 skateparks
1. X- games (Aurora, CO)
2. The S.P.O.T. in Tampa
3. Rye Airfield
4. Louisville, KY
5. Vertical Urge

Top 5 white friends
Don't know 5 white people. Just kidding. With the exception of my writing partner, Neal, the names wouldn't mean anything to you.

Top 5 Charlie Murphy Stories.
Impossible to answer. He has a million great stories. Look at it this way; one of his stories was made into 22 mins of television.
Top 5 Skits that standards wouldn't let me get away with.
I can't think of one sketch that standards didn't let us get by. We're pretty good about policing ourselves when it comes to content. Most standards notes don't blind-side you, you see them coming. It's never like, "What do you mean I can't say pussy hole?"

Top 5 things about having your own show.
1. Having a place to use your ideas.
2. Collaborating with cool people.
3. Laughing at work.
4. Getting to meet/work with actors and musicians that I like.
5. I love imagining groups of friends watching the show on Weds. and cracking up. I don't know if it goes down like that or not, but if I didn't have a show I wouldn't even get to imagine something like that.