A Top 5 with an OG Chocolate rider, a onetime member of the MSA (Mexican Skateboard Association?), and a wearer of cornrows. He might not be the tallest guy I know, but he is tops around here. Daniel Castillo.

Top 5 Filipino skaters:
1. Richard Mulder
2. Willy Santos
3. Chad Tim Tim
4. Sergie Ventura
5. June Cate

Top 5 hairstyle you've had:
1. Cornrows
2. The Asian Fade, with the bangs long in the front
3. The pompadour, with a Starter jacket
4. Bald
5. The Blow Out

Top 5 Venice moments:
1. When Tim Jackson gave me the shirt off his back, it was my first time there
2. Seeing Jesse Martinez beat up roller bladers
3. Seeing Jesse keep out non-locals
4. When the Z-Boys would session the jump ramp
5. Joey Tran skating

Top 5 perks of being a DJ:
1. Girls
2. Free drinks
3. Get to listen to the music you want
4. Get in for free
5. Get paid

Top 5 artists to play to stop a fight on the dance floor:
1. Michael Jackson
2. Bob Marley
3. Daft Punk
4. The Bangles
5. John Lennon

Top 5 Reda moments:
1. In Australia it got windy and the wind kept knocking over his flash, so he just smashed it on the ground
2. Him calling me "Balout," it's a Filipino dish that's a chicken embryo that you eat. It's some Fear Factor shit.
3. When he got scared that Daewon was going to beat him up in Australia
4. Just him talking shit
5. His switch one foots

Top 5 videos:
1. Video Days
2. This Is Not The New H-Street Video
3. Mouse
4. Love Child
5. Skate More, still to come out

Top 5 foods:
1. Lumpia
2. Chicken adobo
3. Lasagna
4. Bulgogi
5. Fried rice with egg

Top 5 things about living in Culver City:
1. Always patrolled by cops
2. Close to the beach
3. Not crowed like Hollywood
4. It's in West LA, less smog
5. I grew up there

Top 5 places to meet girls:
1. Firecracker
2. Sky Sushi, in 2000, it was hitting back then
3. Kibitz Room
4. Venice Beach
5. In the DJ booth

Top 5 Movies:
1. Old School
2. Anchorman
3. Stripes
4. Good Fellas
5. Colors

Top 5 people
1. My parents
2. Christopher Walken
3. My Uncle Rudy
4. Brother
5. Sister