A Top 5s with that one dude who used to do glasses and nollie hardflip everything in site. That’s right we’re talking about Cairo Foster.

Top 5 cities
1. San Francisco
2. St. Petersburg
3. Zagreb
4. New York
5. Hong Kong

Top 5 skaters from the ’80s:
1. Frankie Hill
2. Eric Dressen
4. Natas
5. Gonz

Top 5 half Asian half white skaters
1. Kenny Anderson
2. Eric Koston
3. Satva Leung, is he a halfie?

Top 5 things you miss about San Francisco:
1. My friends...
2. The drugs that get slung around in my old neighborhood
3. The fog
4. Gabe Morford and all the DLX heads
5. Rainbow Foods in the Mission

Top 5 books:
1. The Secret to Success
2. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
3. Seven Steps to Success
4. The Little Prince
5. I’m not too serious with this list.... sorry

Top 5 reasons to travel the world:
1. To get the hell away from home
2. To see something that’s not on your tube
3. To live a little
4. To meet new folks
5. Do I need to sell it anymore? Friggin get out there, fool.

Top 5 random phone numbers programmed in your phone:
1. Ben Gilley
2. Jamie Thomas
3. Bad News Brian
4. Jake Phelps
5. Terrell Robertson

Top 5 people
1. My lady Laura
2. Liane
3. Libby Lib Libs from Chi-town
4. Vic Blue
5. Megga

Top 5 bands
1. Magnetic Fields
2. Nick Drake
3. Guided By Voices
4. Built to Spill
5. Crooked Fingers

Top 5 misconceptions about yourself
1. That I know a lot about the music scene...I’m not even clear on what scene I belong to.
2. That I read a lot. Sometimes I feel like I should be a part of a book club if I’m reading as much as people think I am.
3. That I do nollie hardflips all the time. Yeah, I may pull it out at times, but it’s not like the go to trick anymore. I’m more about front foot impossibles.
4. That Kenny Reed and I are roommates. He and I have never lived under the same roof.
5. It’s not really a misconception, but kids are always asking about those "guys" that lived on my front porch in SF. Unfortunately I haven’t lived in SF for the past two and a half years, so I don’t know what those two, Cleo and Roy, are up to. Sorry kids, all I can say is wish those two the best of luck and make sure you don’t end up on the steps of someone else’s house. You’ll be hating it. From what I can tell, it’s not a fun lifestyle.