A Top 5 with the guy who made being a Trendforecaster, well, Trendy. Strong Island's own John Buscemi

Top 5 reasons you would never sponsor Rickk and Mike:
1. We don't do sloppy seconds.
2. Gavin would be devo'd.
3. Gavin? Bird would be devo'd.
4. The Elmo's would have no one left to think they were smarter than. Except for Megan.
5. Besides both being completely egomaniacal, overly competitive, self centered, narcissists. Forget it, your on.

Top 5 things people in San Diego know that no one else knows:
1. That hanging your sandy wetsuit from the handrail in front of your job is perfectly normal. Get a clue G B.
2. It's all about real estate. Everyone down here is in someway closing, escrowing, or re-fi-ing. Doubles, triples, quad-ski's. I can't cover my nut, and the cashier at Swami's is telling me about her 1 bedroom up on Neptune.
3. Using "like" or "super" in a sentence like you're Rain Man is normal.
4. They have a Little Italy. Get the fuck out a here.
5. Eating Chinese right across the way from Rick's booger slide spot.

Top 5 people to put on blast:
1. Meza; for the obvious reasons, but mostly for being the kid that took his kickball home so no one else could play with it.
2. Ako; for being at permanent blueline, SON, they don't got Cork at the golf course.
4. Rescue Ranger
5. Drinkles

Top 5 people that should never be on blast:
1. Gavin; he hates it.
2. Baravetto
3. Knicks
4. Jamaraqui
5. Ty Evans, you motherfuckers are so lucky.

Top 5 things you miss about New York:
1. La Habana on a Saturday afternoon, grilled corn and a Cuban sandwich.
2. Walking. If I see another Rancho Sante Fe Cougar step out of a lifted Excursion on a Treo, I'm fucking somebody up.
3. The Witches Brew
4. Robert Moses Golf Course
5. X-Mas and New Years, are you fucking joking me. Just cancel it once you pass Ohio.  And New Years, all we get is a tape of Regis from 3 hours ago, get the fuck out a here.

Top 5 trends you have predicted in the past:
1. Pink; it's always been in you dumb fucks.
2. Co-Branding
3. Trucker Hats
4. New Era
5. French Cuffs

Top 5 trend predictions:
1. Nike and Adidas merger, release a shell toe dunk.
2. Grundge-Hop is making some waves in the Bali nightlife scene right now, could jump off post-tsunami
. Three zip camo cargos, that zip off 2 ways, into safari's or coolots, with removable New Era hats that are disguised as cargo pockets, with built in iPod controllers.
4. Purple
5. Espadrille hybrids and island living inspired apparel and footwear of some nature, once we leave this novo riche hippie trend and Poccahontis-look we are spiraling into.

Top 5 Girl employees:
1. Megan (you can finish the list)
2. Core
3. Smyth, for putting up with you fucks.
4. Larson, Diego n@#$%a....
5. Mueller

Top 5 reasons you just can't hold a candle to working in the skateboard industry:
1. Sal Barbier's salary
2. Kenny Anderson has 13 houses.
3. At least it's not wake. Can you imagine working in wake? ARE YOU JOKING ME?
4. Diamond Nick is starring in some new movie.
5. Every club on E! Channel, VH-1, Access Hollywood, etc...I've been to, no matter what city, because I skate? Ako and Webster, you get the picture.

Top 5 things no one does as well as you:
1. Double-handed backhand down the line. Hime knows what's up.
2. Sal flips on flat.
3. P-wedge from 100 out.  It's nice.
4. Making others look bad.
5. Shoe