He's claiming his Skate More part is going to be his best part since Love Child, so we wanted to get him before he got too big for us. Here's the first and last Chico Brenes Top 5.

Top 5 World Industries skaters of all time
1. Daewon song
2. Jovantae Turner
3. Jed Walters
4. Kareem Campbell
5. Shiloh Greathouse

Top 5 ethnicities to claim while visiting their country
1.Puerto Rican
5.Any Latin ethnicity

Top 5 friends who retired from skating
1. Tim Gavin
2. Ben Sanchez
3. Jovantae turner
4. Nick Tershay
5. Greg Carroll

Top 5 Spanish rock bands
1. Draco
2. Soda Estereo
3. Mana
4. Manu Chau
5. La Ley

Top 5 items to sell that don't belong to you
1. Clothes
2. Shoes
3. Snowboards
4. Food (When I stayed with Eric and Tim, I used to cook their food and sell it to them )
5. Product (When I stayed with Steve Berra and Eric, Steve would have packages of product just chilling on the porch of their house for months)

Top 5 roommates of all time
1. Jay Garcia
2. Tony Ferguson
3. Mike Carroll
4. Nick Diamond
5. Ben Colen

Top 5 people
1. Alejandro Brenes
2. Gioconda Edwards
3. Jasmine Cardenas
4. Megan and Rick (should count as one)
5. Jay Garcia

Top 5 rap lyrics where substitute "The Cheeks" in the lyrics
1. I won't denied it/ I'm a fucking rider you don't/ Want to fuck with Cheeks (Tupac )
2. Cheekie, Cheekie, Cheekie, can't you see/ Sometimes your words just hypnotize me (Biggie)
3. The Cheeks comes out at night/ The Cheeks comes out at night (Whodini
4. Do you really want to hurt cheeks/ Do you really want to make him cry/ Or is it really that you envy Cheeks/ Oh you don't want to see me fly (MASE)

Top 5 skate spots
1. EMB
2. USC
3. Santa Monica courthouse
4. MACBA (Barcelona)
5. SANTS (Barcelona)

Top 5 Nicaraguan foods
1. Gallo Pinto (Rice and beans mix together)
2. Queso frito (Fried Nicaraguan cheese)
3. Nacatamal (Nicaraguan tamale)
4. Vigoron (Yuca salad and fried pork)
5. Platanos frito con Queso (fried plantains and fried cheese)

Top 5 friends that you've punched in the face
1. Steven Cales
2. Kelly Bird
3. Gabriel Rodriguez
4. Henry Sanchez
5. Mike Cao (Wing Ding)

Top 5 most random phone numbers in your phone
1. Sammy Bautista
2. Mark Appleyard
3. Brad Staba
4. Maurice Key
5. Scuba Steve

Top 5 things about going to the Latin Grammy's
1. Wearing my buttery ass Hugo Boss suit
2. Exclusive after party with Draco and Jay on Star Island Miami, off the hook
3. Being backstage with Ricky Martin and Shakira and saying to myself what the fuck are you doing here
4. Free food
5. Free drinks

Top 5 things about growing up at Embarcadero
1. The perfect skate spot, you had everything there that you wanted.
2. If you where a T-dog they would tell you in you face and then jack your shit.
3. Not to get in Henry Sanchez' way when he was skating, specially if you where a T-dog
4. Pierre eating glass
5. Getting punch by Mondo giving me 10 stitches above my eye

Top 5 ways to "Pop Out"
1. Switch
2. Regs
3. Shove
4. Flip
5. Don't Pop Out