MJ started out the day with some natural spine re-adjustment.

Cornbread scopes the spot. (I know this photo was already on the tap but this sweatshirt deserves a re-post.)
The spot wasn't too happening til Roger and Guy found a new obstacle.
The posse thinks about the angles.
Dubbs checks the slideabilty.
Vince just charges it with a boardslide.
And ends the day with a switch lip.

I just got a bunch of film from the OutBackwards tour developed.
Malto with a picture perfect nosebonk at the Airport.

Right off a fifteen hour flight Biebel set it off proper with some jumps into the bay in New Zealand.

New Zealand shark bus.
What are you always so sad about Crankers? You're in New Zealand!
Oh-Ten is gonna be a big one for Girl. You thought we only made skateboards?
A perfect statement in grip tape.

Rick "Sometimes in order to move forward you have to look backwards. Here Rickk takes the Natas Spin to the next level by adding in a vicious beam and a front blunt."

Kenny "Kenny with an ollie up invert slide back to forward. Hot stuff."

Koston "Finally Eric ends the demo, ditches the jump ramp and goes Hosoi with a big Method air fatty to flatty."

A Really Good Weekend video.

I knew the day was gonna be a good one when this guy showed up in my car.

Andy and Emmet Jenkins Showed up at the first spot!

It was hot as shit in the valley but Roberts hooked everyone up with a box of Ice Pops.

2 Sotys pose while one sneezes.

The Streets were pretty hard on Mike on Saturday.

Sunday morning I ran into a couple of real Munsons in front of the Berrics: Rob Welsh and Joey Pepper!

Then I got to the ditch and found Rickk doing his best Phil Helmuth impression.

Eric ollied into the ditch to start his line...

And Rickk found a different way in.

Rickk showing his support with a loud foot-clap.

After dinner Alex found Mike at the bar to thank him.

3/17/10 Some behind the scenes photos from BA's Meet Innovation shoot.
As you can see, Innovating is hard work.

Setting up the equipment.

Giving the Board Shoes a test run.

Coach Frank was there to give BA a few pointers.

Coach discussing how Brian should approach his moves.

First spot of the day, Brian warmed it up with a simple Single Truck Crooked Jump.

BA ups the ante with a Back Lip 5-0 Duck Shoot at the infamous Kezar Rail.

Brian taking the long way home.

First we finally figured out how Cory does all those insane tricks.

Rickk picked up some essential reading for when he gets home.

Koston couldn't figure out how the bathroom worked down there.

Sam decided to branch out and try some of the local sashimi.

Beebs enjoyed a little wine on the way to dinner.

Malto found out what happens when you sit next to rick.

Mike was left to pick up the pieces.

Malto ended a great trip with a stage dive.

2/25/10 "A Quick Australia Update"
We made it to O'Meally's Wild Things photo show. Here's Beebs with a favorite.

There's probably the exact same photo from 20 years ago somewhere.

Beebs and BA keeping safe from the sun inside the bus.

We met up with a bunch of the SB bros in Sydney. Good times at the bar.

Alex modeling his new signature back-to-school bag line.

After the demo last night we drove the 8 hours from Canberra straight to Melbourne. It started out like this:

and ended up looking like this.

Now Mike's not looking too hot.

Now you tell me.....

2/23/10 "Some Random Stuff from the First Weeks of 0-10."
Daniel's been getting pretty heavy on the 2nd angles lately. Rog getting the proof.

Sam brought casual fridays to the streets a couple weeks ago.

Mo had to get this picture when we were at the Chick fil A. I'm sure this has already been on Twitter.

Federico demonstrating some next level cinematographer type shit. The Chocolate vid is gonna be crazy.

A.V.E. demonstrating proper stretching techniques to Guy and Omar.

A quick sequence of Mike showing what not to do when you go to Dinner Theater.

Biebel taking a break from killing the Twitter game.

Alex finally learns the meaning of "Don't piss into the wind".